Under The Influences Of Birds, Flowers And Sky Above

by P*I*G

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"Album is inspired by what you can read on its title... That's so wise"

P*I*G is runned by Jakub Monika Lampart (guitar, electronics)
and Aivilo Tot (bass, vocal) from Tychy. Recorded with Nazar Vasco on drums.

Lyrics: Aivilo (2,4,6,7), Jakub Monika (1), Filip Krein (3)

Redrum Studio, Warsaw

2,3,4,6,7 Mixed by Kocur:

1,5,8 Mixed by Jakub Monika Lampart

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released March 3, 2017



all rights reserved


P*I*G Warsaw, Poland

Runned by Jakub Monika Lampart and Mademoiselle X

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Track Name: Nested
Time ruins our hands. Not in its form. That form doesn’t exist. There’s only imagination of it, nested in society awareness. It is in the sort of conceptions that dictates limitations.
First thing that shows nonsense of time (in human meaning)is its disability to maintaining assumptions in different states of mind. In narcotic hell/heaven, in dreams. We can see the time bends under the weight of unsettled flight in the infinite-imagination space. We can see how the time ‘’loses’’.
So time (in its conception) limits society but society cannot limit the time. They’re using it. Abusing . For merciless selection of who is dead, who is alive and who is in the middle. Half sinners. Their time is just a rapist and they are its dogs. There’s no real time.
Track Name: Another Time Inciting Again
Daddy killed your soul
So you dont worry about dying
You learned not to trust
Do not care and not crying

You light your cigarette
Baby you light my fire
Streets are burning
Baby you ligh my fire

You are the perfect character
You are the perfect character

Nightmare of nation
Dream of madmen
Howl at night of a huntress
In concrete jungle

Shake and shivers in dance of paranoia
In tentacless of memory lust
Choking like a victim
Singing in shadows dust

You light your cigarette
Baby you light my fire
Streets are burning
Baby you ligh my fire

You pick the gasoline
You drop the fire
Town is burning
You light my fire

You are the perfect character
You are the perfect character
Track Name: Anatomy Of Melancholy
stairs lead my way now as i died
kissed by death in suicide
i had to kill all that was pure
for my sickness there was no cure
bitten tongue speaks the devils true name
to liberate my soul from all the pain and shame

release me of my bound
negative findings burn my skin
shadows kiss at dawn, and fallen angels grin

razorblade visions multiply in my mind
i can feel them now as they crawl and twine
leave my body to the unholy spirit
my shroud of shit is ready so i shall wear it

dear sisters gether around, tell them to stop

i have to be painted
to show them Im tainted
i used to be meaningless
now i am…reflectionless

was it only awakning
or was it a ressurection?
was it only awakning
or was it a ressurection?
nothing left but a reflection
I reject my body
I am…the rejection…

goddess of the damned takes off her dreary cloak
her spit lies on my sexuality, as lightness allows me to walk
darkness reaches to my eyes as the shadows do their talk
ripped off hearts like a bouquet of dead flowers
i feel myself inside as i am passing through the hours
moans of the damned sound but like celestial choirs

in a forest of delirious smiles
animals laugh and true woman cries
they are nesting like maggots
in a long forgotten coffin
who will dare to look inside
breath held for years, because no one ever tried
Track Name: There Must Be A Better Floor
on the first floor they have whelps for sale
less they are independent the more they like them anyway
the one rejected by all has to be ignored to become tamed
pup’s eyes are half open and their hearts are half tained

i ignore all the labels telling me to do not cross the walls
‘Staff only’ are only pair of letters printed on the doors
i walk the corridors wallpapers smell like piss
i reach the stairs and wonder how someone got used to this

When you step into house of him
when you step into church of nim vind

second floor
public area is clean and someone sponsored new book s for kids
They know their time to play and their time to read
they will learn what good man do and evil happens by itself
Somethings wrong i gotta go i dont want to stay

there is long way for studens to get on next floor
i cheat once again because i feel i have to do so
elevator shakes the lights perpetually nictate
Maybe its better if i fall then stay

When you step into house of him
when you step into church of nim vind

outta this can light is so low it will leave people who live here blind
they argue if things in colour of grey are really white or black
I've seen their faces they also lost their noses
Stink gets worse and they keep windows closed

Two ways i have now, die or faint trying to get on the roof
i step in something like sperm and hear horse hoof
i face the labirynth of stairs going across or down
howl of starving houds ready to tear me up

When you step into house of him
when you step into church of nim vind

Descending angels awaits at the gates of time
they cry through their bloody teeth - kingdom has come, it’s time
I salute to them waving my hand above my bursted head
We all dive in the shadows before we are consumed by smoke and blaze
Track Name: Obsession
Obssession get rid of you and me
Thirst grows until the need's fullfill
I dont feel anything even you and me
Obssession hunger envy and greed

I hear warming up of pain powered machine
Spiders murder gang come to see our grid
Night in the city we make everyone mad
Face to face and bite to bite
Track Name: We Failed Trying To Be Funny
I’m a dream and it’s parody
Of things missunderstand by my memory
As it’s known there is nothing so cruel as memory

Vengeance is
no longer hope
but all We’ve got
So we must fall

One by one
They’ll hear my call
Then this wicked town
Will follow my fall

I’m experience and it’s doom
Which my past could not assume
The ulgy past of many scars builds a better stronger you

I’m inteligence and it’s fall
No one is expected to understand it from behind
And this is how on my will I doomed people from my life

We are dying, laughing, i know its over, now i see it, now it makes sense why it dooesn make sense
its agony, i love it, its a hoax, fuck it, we tried make you happy, we tried to be funny, we failed, we failed trying to be funny